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Advanced Plastic Repair Training Course Content


  • Health and saftety briefing.
  • Introduction to plastic welding & the tools we will be using.
  • Identifying plastics and understanding how they can be welded and repaired.
  • What’s the difference between hot and cold welding and the advantages and disadvantages of both methods.
  • Preparation of the areas to be repaired.


  • We will explore typical repairs that you will encounter and I will demonstrate how to approach these using the tools on your work station to get the best results.
  • You will then have the opportunity to work on your own damaged bumper, repairing cracks, holes, broken lugs and missing pieces.
  • You will be shown different techniques to finish the welded repair ready for priming.
  • You will again have the chance to practice these techniques on your own bumper.


I will demonstrate how to re-texture the repaired bumper with tips on how to get the best finish, so that you can do the same on your practice bumper.

UV Curing

I will give you an introduction to the game changing technology of UV priming and refinishing along with a demo on the techniques and the best products to use.

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